Location Cambridge, UK
Height 6' (182cm)
Weight 10st. 12lbs (68kg)
Waist 32" (81cm)
Chest 39" (98cm)
Physique Slim/Athletic
Eye Colour Blue
Other Skills Driver, Motorcyclist, Firearms Training, Skin Performance (prosthetics/suits), Trumpet Playing, Touch Typing
Agent Second Skin Agency
Online Profiles StarNow, YouTube


I'm also on IMDb (although it's not as up to date)

Year Type Character Production Description Company/Director
2021 Short Film Alien Apocryphal A lost soul's retelling of a life-changing alien encounter Last Dog Productions
2020 Short Film Cutter (alien) Ino A nasty alien criminal tries to keep one of his crew in check Max Elgar
2020 Prosthetics Modelling Cursed Fisherman NA Modelling for prosthetics training school Gorton Studio
2020 Short Film Driver Acceptance A US politician receives life-changing news just before being elected Mark Hampton
2019 Promo Video Home worker DisplayLink Promotional video, playing the role of professional home-worker Go Vocal Media Ltd
2019 Prosthetics Modelling Reptilian Demon The Prosthetics Event Modelling at The Prosthetics Event trade show, mua Morgan Kimber Cantor & Nissel
2019 Prosthetics Modelling Half Transformed Demon NA Modelling for prosthetics training school Gorton Studio
2019 Music Video Pig guard / Pig person SWINE Music video for "The Big Dirty", featuring pig people Giant Dwarf
2019 Prosthetics Modelling Mutilated Witch NA Modelling for prosthetics training school Gorton Studio
2019 Short Film Peter Patients The lead character's bad date Cieran McGhee
2019 Short Film Werewolf / Jason After the Party Guy becomes a werewolf in a misguided attempt to date a young woman Rebecca Palmer
2019 Short Film Guard, Lord Buckingham Showreel Film Short medieval film for showreel - making a deal with a witch backfires Saffra Monteiro
2019 TV Papal Guard Cursed Supporting artist Netflix
2019 Feature Film Major Felix Bor Ivan Polish Army Major discussing a case during the Cold War Roland Oliver
2019 Short Film Guard Ghost in the Machine Guarding research facility from break-ins... or is it to prevent a break-out? Dragonlight Films
2018 Short Film Denizen Better Angels Faceless hoodie monster stalking villain for vengeance Dan Horrigan
2018 Feature Film Barkeep Super Mix Troubled but well-intentioned bar owner in a post-apocalyptic world Last Dog Productions
2018 Photoshoot Alien MIB: International Promotional fashion photoshoot as an alien Columbia Pictures
2018 Short Film Joe Vamp Vlog Friend of vlogger who gets attacked by a vampire Victoria-Louise Sweet
2018 Short Film Peter Heaven A man pushed to breaking point confesses his sins to his priest Francesco Merlini-Fiore
2018 Feature Film Michael Melville Dilemma Senior executive who reacts when he catches his girlfriend cheating on him Kokoe Film Productions
2018 Feature Film Cannibal Hunter (featured) Edge of Extinction Horde of cannibal hunters in a post-apocalyptic world Hundy Gilbert Media
2018 Short Film Dealer The Gambler Blackjack croupier at a hellish casino Mill Road Films
2018 Prosthetics Modelling Cyborg NA Modelling for prosthetics training school Gorton Studio
2018 Short Film William The Billionth Interview Secretary for the life or death afterlife interview Ron Mulvey
2017 Short Film Craig Nemesis Lead Dept Collector - fight scene + wire work Nick Blair
2017 Short Film Evan Positive Action Health Minister PA, informing of zombie incident Fingernail Films
2017 Prosthetics Modelling GI Zombie NA Modelling for prosthetics training school Gorton Studio
2017 Feature Film Factory Worker Solo: A Star Wars Story Supporting artist Lucasfilm Ltd
2017 Short Film Mark Birthday Girl A birthday party doesn’t quite go to plan Ruptured Screen
2017 Micro Short Film The Gardener Astroturf A man tends to his garden on the moon (multi award-winning) Busy Doctors Films
2017 Micro Short Film The Man Well Dressed Man A man prepares for a life changing event Cre8ive Spaces Ltd
2017 Prosthetics Modelling King of the Fish People NA Modelling for prosthetics training school Gorton Studio
2016 Music Video Lead Victorian worker Abusing My Position Non-speaking dramatic boss confrontation (link) Ruptured Screen
2016 Short Film Motion Capture Actor Take 28 Non-speaking comedic 'behind the scenes' Busy Doctors Films
2016 TV Production American Police, pub goer Obsession Two supporting artist roles October Films
2016 Short Film Tom Toby Job interviewee by lead character (multi award-winning) Professor Stamen
2016 Feature Film Stormtrooper Star Wars: The Last Jedi Stormtrooper supporting artist Lucasfilm Ltd
2016 Short Film Challenge Guard / Doctor's assistant Harvest Two small non-speaking extra roles (link) Ruptured Screen
2016 Prosthetics Modelling Horned Demon NA Modelling for prosthetics training school Gorton Studio
2015 Prosthetics Modelling Birdlike tribal warrior NA Modelling for prosthetics training school Gorton Studio
2014 Prosthetics Modelling Reptilian alien mercenary NA Modelling for prosthetics training school Gorton Studio